Visck Sudden Death ep

Visck – Sudden Death Ep

This EP Sudden Death by Visck of mourn about my mother’s death, and these tracks was the first tracks later my mother’s cause, then I expressed some fellings mine about what happened on this ep , this episode was composed by 3 tracks in 2 genre Chill Trap and Heavy Trap showing my feelings on the tracks : R.I.P (sadness) , Mortal blow (revolt) and Eternity (mourn) into this ep.

Visck - Sudden death ep
Artwork Sudden Death ep by Visck

Explaining artwork EP cover:

The letters mixed into the artwork is my mother’s name ALEXANDRA, and this ep name is ( sudden death ) because the death’s cause has been brain death unexpectedly.
I hope this masterpiece be a great homage to my mother.

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