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Igor Alberto Cardoso ( Visck )

Igor Alberto Cardoso

Born was 06/10/1995 from São Paulo – Brazil moved to living on Portugal, Igor is a music producer and designer graphic has a project at the future in make Visck a brand designer of Clothes and Accessories.
The company designs, manufactures, sells fashion and lifestyle products, including products, accessories and objects decorative. being the best with limited and exclusives pieces all with visck logo.
Making music with my own knowledge and studying by myself and producing whole musics at home studio, all tracks is released at the most platform streaming like ( Spotify, youtube, instagram, soundcloud, audius, Itunes, netease and more…)

Visck home studio my pc setup
Visck home studio my pc setup
Visck logotype official
Visck official logotype

Visck is a Trap Music Producer ( Dark Trap Music ) mixing cultures and genres of worldwide since 2014 , has own vibe with distorted 808 and Kick rolls as your mainly spotlight, and trying introduce to the cinematic songs.
Some songs recognized as + 4 millions plays and played in Tv Shows as SBT ( Sistema de Televisão Brasileira) a break dancer brazilian group ( Magic five ) presents a coreography with the song Float by Visck .
The track Death collaboration with Gank was a success reaching more than 4 million plays at youtube.
The most populars solo songs by Visck is Petrunko on Soundcloud with + 100k views and Visck – Hororo +300k Views on Youtube.

Legion of trap
(Legion of trap by visck logotype)

Legion of trap , Visck and friends

Visck makes a label called Legion of Trap Channel for help Visck and friends music promotions and get public the best experience in listen Dark Trap music, at the First and single youtube channel of music in VR / 360º with animations synced with the music released on Legion of Trap channel.

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